Bright eyed and bushy tailed

So, this is my blog. I’m planning to write here about some of my favorite things, such as the French language, food, adventuring, and the general pursuit of happiness. Hopefully they’re some of your favorite things, too.

I’ve had “blogs” before, though primarily of the more personal, keep-in-touch-with-friends-and-family kind. I kept a Tumblr, Soupçonneux, while I was abroad, and all through middle and high school I had an “online journal,” which I suppose is a kind of blog. I also have blogging experience through my work, though that is generally more link building oriented in nature.

A while ago I added a “blog” section to my personal site, but I had trouble figuring out what to put there because it was a strange mix of being my personal site and having odds and ends of things meant for more of an audience. I posted a lot of postcards there, and while postcards are something I find extremely interesting and will most likely eventually post something about here, there’s nothing exactly motivating people to come look at a blog where all I do is put up pictures of postcards.

I still haven’t figured out exactly what is going to make this blog any different, though I do have a couple of ideas, or maybe I should say goals.

First, I want this to be a place where I practice writing. I’m going to be a lot more editorially strategic with what I post here. I used to write a lot. I miss it.

Second, I want to grow an audience. I think blogging’s infinitely more fun when you’re not writing to an empty room. I want to practice some of the skills I learn at work, and learn some of the skills I don’t.

At the same time, I don’t want this blog to become something impersonal. I see so many soulless blogs all day at work that exist purely to hold content nobody will ever read. I want this blog to have a little more personality. And if that means it’s not the most useful resource, at least maybe it will be entertaining.

I may add or redact goals in the future, but that’s what I’m going with for now. Wish me luck!