Hello 2014

It is the first day of 2014, which seems like a logical time to start a big new project or something, doesn’t it? Well, I don’t really have a project in mind, but I thought I should still probably take the opportunity of a day off work to update. I don’t really like New Year’s Day. I feel like I always end my year feeling sort of unfinished and then oh hey, it’s a new year! I used to try to keep resolutions but I’ve never been particularly strong willed enough to keep up with them. I don’t think that really makes me a bad person or bad at accomplishing things; a year is a big chunk of time to throw around, you only get about 70-90 of them if you’re lucky, you waste a bunch of them as a baby or too old and set in your ways, and there are so many things over the course of the year to distract you. Then, is it even good to so single-minded lay pursue a task? I mean, I’ve read The Happiness Project and I’ve always thought those photo-a-day YouTube videos were pretty cool, but happiness is an evolving concept (things that make me happy today I might not have even considered 8 years ago) and I’d like to think that I’m not quite so self centered that the one time I attempt a year long project it’s in my image. Last night I indulged in a desire to be cozy and actually fell asleep around 9 to about ten ’till midnight. I was writing an email when I heard cheering and realized it was midnight, then noticed that although I couldn’t see the fireworks being shot off I’m the square from my back porch, I could see them being reflected in a window across the street. I don’t know, I enjoyed it, there’s something poetic about watching the fireworks in reflection. That, and my apartment was a lot warmer than the square would have been. I wasn’t the only one watching them out the window either (though it is possible I was the only one watching them by staring away from them. Sorry, distant neighbors who I may have freaked out. I was just looking at your window, not into it).


It looked prettier in person.

Overall, I feel like not a lot happened in 2013, and I guess that’s a little disappointing. Whereas in 2012 I had a lot of big life changes (graduate, move back home, travel to a reunion in NYC with some friends, get an exciting job), this past year seemed mild in comparison. I did move into an apartment, which I share with my best friend, so I guess that’s not nothing. But what have I missed out on because I’m shy? What have I put off because I feel so busy? I know I scorn New Year’s resolutions, but I do have a few things I want to work on this year. At a risk of sounding too much like my first post, here they are anyway:

  • Write more. This blog should help. My boyfriend’s brother told me that he wants to write 500 words a day, which I thought was a worthy goal.
  • Take more photographs. Nothing fancy, but not just to throw on Facebook. I want to capture more memories and actually remember that I pretty much have a camera on me at all times, if I remember to pull it out.
  • Pursue new interests. Take a class, keep up with an interesting blog, actually learn to cook better.
  • Lose weight. It’s a constant struggle, and I know it’s unoriginal, but the holidays took a toll.
  • Keep in better touch with friends. I’m naturally an introvert (or perhaps an introverted extrovert), and a nasty side of that is that I have let my relationships with distant friends slide. That’s unacceptable.
  • Reclaim my free time. I work hard, but it exhausts me, so I often do nothing remarkable during weekdays besides work. The rest of the time I’m tired, I dawdle around online, I read, but I don’t interact or accomplish as much.
  • I know this seems contrary to that last one, but I want to read more. Now that I have a tablet I just have no excuse. I want to explore classics, writing styles, new subjects and people and locations. Practice French more. Read French books, watch French movies, go to French table when classes are back in session. Learning French and studying France are things that made me very happy. I don’t want to get rusty.
  • Smile more. Be less serious. Everything’s going to be okay.

Hello 2014.

  • Toph

    Happy new year!